Gingerbread House Decorating

Hi Newcomers,

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered to help with the gingerbread house decorating event this year! As usual it was a huge success. The event, which took place on Saturday, December 10th, was a sell out, and the hot chocolate was flying as well!

Thanks so much to my co-chair Lisa Brown, her wonderful mother-in-law Mary Ann (our candy queen extraordinaire!), Dee Steffen from Blue Ginger, and to all the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who volunteered their time to support us! Also, a big thanks to everyone from the Mount Hollis Lodge who - year after year - support us in such a great way.

We will be back next year as well!

Happy 2017!

Tracey Geden and Lisa Brown
Co-chairs, Gingerbread House Decorating Event 2013-2016 and