Food Pantry

Hi Everyone,
Thank You for supporting the Holliston Newcomers Club Easter Basket Project with the Food Pantry!
This was our seventh year coordinating with the Food Pantry to fill requests for Easter Baskets. We received requests for Easter Baskets for children ranging from a few months old to teenagers. We were able to get volunteers from the Holliston community assigned to all 53 requests!  I even made sure to have a few extra for last minute sign ups, which came in handy! 

We received an incredibly generous donation from Jonathan and Leslie Gerber of Holiday Dreams Foundation. They were able to provide Holliston Newcomers Club with eleven $25 gift cards to Target!

This event would not have been able to take place without the support of the community. Families, individuals, churches and organizations participated in making Easter even better for children of all ages.
Volunteers went above and beyond and put so much love and thought into each donation. Just look at the pictures: the baskets are incredible, and Fiske's definitely put together some fun baskets, and we thank them for continuing to support this project!

Thank you everyone for taking on the role of the Easter Bunny!
Families picked up their baskets this week at the Food Pantry to take home for children to find on Easter.
Many sincere thanks to all who volunteered and to Tom Dumas from the Food Pantry, who I coordinated with and who picked up all the baskets.
Food Pantry Chair
Melissa Marien