Food Pantry

Whatever holiday you celebrate, have a wonderful season with family and friends! At this time of year it is also crucial to remember so many of our neighbors do not have a lot. Giving to the Holliston Pantry Shelf is one easy way to give back and help our neighbors celebrate without worrying they cannot afford to feed their family.

For December, we’d like to ask you to donate the following:
Progresso soup
Toilet Paper

But please know ANY donation is gladly accepted (please check to make sure items have not expired). On the Pantry website they have also listed Cookies, Cereal and Tuna requests. And I love that our Pantry is so unique; shopping can be done by the client and it is run by ALL VOLUNTEERS so that all monies go towards buying food and maintaining the space.

Please contact the Food Pantry if you’d also like to donate financially or have any questions. . Please note that the Pantry supports 300 people in our town including many families with children – if we can each donate a few items it will make a HUGE difference to our community!

Thanks so much and please reach out with any questions or concerns and new ideas to support our wonderful Food Pantry!
Happy Holidays!
Food Pantry Committee

Tracey Geden - Chair -

Mary Braun -

Adie Kobbs -

If you are interested in this activity and are not a member of Newcomers please see the Membership section for information on becoming a member.