Food Pantry

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the warmer spring days!

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered for Easter Baskets this year. It is so wonderful that year after year, our members step up to help bring big smiles to the children who receive Easter baskets and treats they
can enjoy! The community also steps up to help, and this is so much fun for me to organize, as I love putting
together some baskets myself.

A special thank you once again to Fiske’s for offering a 20 percent discount for baskets made and purchased at their store. Fiske’s does so much with HNC, and we are so thankful! Please remember to shop local and support great businesses like this.

Here are the items of the month needed for the Holliston Food Pantry (

- Campbell’s soups (except Chicken Noodle and Tomato)

- All Progresso soups

- Canned tuna

- Cookies

- Cereal

- Snacks for kids’ lunches

- Juice boxes

Remember that you can have your local postal worker deliver items marked for the Food Pantry if you leave them at your mailbox. Please thank our great postal workers for this when you see them!

Thank you!

Tracey Geden

Food Pantry Chair