Food Pantry

Happy summer! Please don’t forget to support the pantry in the coming months.

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, just a reminder that the Holliston Post Office mail carriers will gladly PICK UP ITEMS LEFT FOR THE FOOD PANTRY AND DROP THESE OFF AT THE PANTRY as they move along their routes! How cool is this? All you need to do is leave your items bagged and marked for the pantry on/by your mailbox and the wonderful mail carriers will pick up and deliver your donated items. One caveat is that they prefer this be done on lighter mail days, so Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. What a great and easy way to help, so try to do that this month – I know I will be!

Items of the month needed for June:

- Paper towels

- Toilet paper

- Progresso canned soup

- Cookies

- Cereal

- Snacks for kids’ lunches

- Juice boxes

Please remember to check expiration dates and donate items that have not expired.

Thank you and see you in September!

Food Pantry Committee

Tracey Geden - Chair -

Mary Braun -

Adie Kobbs -

If you are interested in this activity and are not a member of Newcomers please see the Membership section for information on becoming a member.