Food Pantry

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered for Easter Baskets this year! I cannot wait to hear from the
Pantry on how the Baskets go over with the kids on Easter but for now, I know from making several baskets
with donations and in talking to volunteers who signed up just how much fun this is to do every year. As
expected the need was great and we rose to the challenge! It is also heartwarming that many in the community also stepped up to help and really enjoyed being a part of this!

Special thanks to Fiske’s for offering a 20% discount as well for folks making baskets! Fiske’s does so much with HNC and we are so thankful!

Items of the Month needed for April!
Campbell’s Soups (except Chicken Noodle and Tomato)
All Progresso soups
All beans (except green beans)
Paper towels
Juice boxes

Thank you!

Food Pantry Committee

Tracey Geden - Chair -

Mary Braun -

Adie Kobbs -

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