Craft Fair

The ever-popular Bake Table at the Holliston Craft Fair needs your contributions! Each Newcomer family is asked to contribute two baked goods (i.e. two pies, two loaves of bread, two dozen cookies or any

combination). Store bought or homemade is fine. Please drop off your baked goods on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22 until 11am, at these Holliston homes:

North: Samantha Larson, 73 Bayberry Road Central: Lee Greeley, 696 Highland Street (Red mailbox) South: Cait Ehert, 55 Morgans Way. Please print and attach a label to each baked good.


Secondly, don’t forget to sign up for a two-hour volunteer shift per Newcomer family. Craft Fair is our club’s largest fundraiser for granting monies back into town. Help us keep Holliston happy by signing up for your two hours now.

We appreciate our volunteers so we feed them well! All-you-can-eat pizza will be served to Sunday night breakdown crews. Day- of Craft Fair volunteers get coffee, hot cocoa, tea and freshly baked muffins.

Thank you for helping with the best handmade Craft Fair in Massachusetts!

Danielle Ohman, Craft Fair Chair 2015

Cathy Snyder

Linda Lee

Ingrid Dahlin-Doherty

Tracey Geden

Shannon Cornwell

Cait Ehret


Only Crafters who handcraft their items will be accepted as exhibitors.  Items must be designed, created and produced by the exhibitor. No imports, kits, items made from kits, items made using commercial patterns, unfinished works, or assembled from pre-manufactured items. Dealers and distributors will not be accepted.   Please note: All jewelry slots have been filled.



Three booth options:

Hallway:              6’ table = $50 (no surrounding items allowed around 6' table)   SOLD OUT!

Gym or Café:     10’ front x 10’ deep = $100   SOLD OUT!

Gym or Café:     20’ front x 10’ deep = $190   SOLD OUT!


Electricity is available at a limited number of 10’ deep booths for an additional $15. Corner 10’ deep booths cost an extra $20. Each exhibitor must have a booth; sharing is not permitted.



Applications can be Printed from our online website  (see below) and mailed in. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $10 jury fee and 3 photos.


Provide 3 color photographs. Photos must include 1) a photo of your entire booth, 2) a photo of you creating your crafts, and 3) a close-up of your craft(s). Samples may also be mailed, but are not required. Any samples submitted will not be returned.


Since jurying is based solely on your photos, please ensure your photos are clear and a true representation of your work. A narrative about your craft process or any personal details about your craft are always appreciated. Note: jury members change every year so this year’s jury will be judging you anew even though you may have exhibited in prior years.



Exhibitors will be informed of acceptances, waitlists and denials for 2015 Craft Fair with in two weeks after jurying. Applications will be juried on June 1, 2015. If there are remaining booths after June 1st, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.



Our annual raffle increases your business' visibility and drives traffic to your booth. Please donate an item under $25 in value to be raffled during the fair. Items will be displayed with your business' name and your booth number. Craft Fair personnel will collect raffle items prior to 9 am.  Please note no other raffles/drawings are allowed.


Danielle Ohman, Chairperson

2015 Craft Fair Ways and Means Committee

If you have any questions, please contact us at