Community Outreach

Many People have already signed up to help with the Thanksgiving meals for  Holliston’s senior citizens this year. We’re putting together a great group of people to cook, assemble and deliver home cooked meals on Thanksgiving day. We usually deliver meals to about 40 senior citizens throughout town.

If you’re interested in helping but haven’t had a chance to sign up yet it’s not to late! Please email me to let me know if you’re interested in cooking assembling or delivering meals for thanksgiving. For the cooks, you’ll be assigned to make a specific item-perhaps a side, veggie or dessert. The assembly crew generally arrives at the host house at 10am thanksgiving morning and the delivery crew arrives at 11am to begin their deliveries.

Here is the list of what we need:

Host house- The Bassett family has agreed to host this year and we thank them so much for offering to host such a wonderful event.

Turkey’s- Outpost Farm has graciously agreed to donate 4 turkeys for us to cook for this meal. Thank you to them as well. And we already have 4 families that have agreed to cook the turkey’s and will also be including stuffing.

Mashed Potato’s- 40 servings- 2 Volunteer still needed

Corn- 40 servings- 2 volunteers still needed

Cranberry Sauce- 40 Servings- 1 volunteer still needed

Dinner Rolls- 40 rolls- 1 volunteer still needed

Jarred Gravy- 5 jars needed- 1 volunteer still needed

Dessert- 40 servings- 2 volunteers still needed- 1 volunteers has already agreed to bake cookies.


Delivery Volunteers- 2 Families have already agreed to deliver meals but we are still in need of 4 more to help out with deliveries.


Danielle Ohman

If you are interested in this activity and are not a member of Newcomers please see the Membership section for information on becoming a member.